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Monetize your users and traffic like the Major Tubes. Making your own tube site has never been easier. Create your own customized mobile tube site in minutes, fully hosted, with premium impossible to get direct mobile carrier billing. Ad placements and monetization tools are already built in, premium upgrades and content are provided. Click Signup Now to begin building your site.

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Device Optimization

We've taken into account all devices from High end Smart phones, to medium and low end feature phones.




Built In SEO Features

Each mobile site is built to allow customizations for Search Engine Optimization. Including adding and editing your own video titles, descriptions, meta date, keywords, and descriptions.

Customization Tools

We allow you to customize to the fullest. Custom Layout, colors, Logo, and images, Update scheduling, and Content.



Ad Monetization

Ad Units are built in upon creation, but can be removed. You are provided with active advertisers and direct instant monetization from minute 1.

Fully Hosted Premium Content

Upload your own logo, change colors, adapt options.

Mobile Carrier Billing And CC processing

The mobile carrier billing we provide allows you to bill your customers directly to their phone bill without threat of chargebacks or declines. Where carrier billing is not available, we provide credit card billing solutions.